Surface Modification and Applications Laboratory (SMAL)


Semester I (Upcoming)

Physics for Engineers (PH101)


Semester II (Current)

Atomic and Molecular Physics (PH423)

Condensed Matter Lab (PH420)

Courses taught

Undergraduate Physics Lab (PH100): Several semesters

Electromagnetics (PHL101): 2011-12 (Sem I), 2013-14 (Sem I), 2014-15 (Sem I), 2015-16 (Sem I), 2016-17 (Sem I), 2017-18 (Sem II)

Optics and Lasers (PHL104): 2009-10 (Sem II), 20010-11 (Sem II)

Advanced Experimental Techniques (PHL311): 2011-12 (Sem I)

Electromagnetic Theory (PH414): 2019-20 (Sem I), 2018-19 (Sem I), 2017-18 (Sem I)

Condensed Matter Lab (PH420): 2017-18 (Sem II)

Atomic and Molecular Physics (PH423): 2015-16 (Sem II), 2016-17 (Sem II), 2017-18 (Sem II), 2018-19 (Sem II), 2019-20 (Sem II)

Fundamentals of Experimental Techniques (PHL453): 2014-15 (Sem I)

Surface and Interfacial Forces (PHL553): 2016-17 (Sem I)

Scattering Phenomenon (PHL701): 2010-11 (Sem II)